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Insurance, Retirement, Vacation– Carpenter Trust

As part of your career as a Carpenter, you can plan for the future with retirement and health benefits. The Pacific Northwest Regional Council manages these benefits through trusts. Union Trustees and employer Trustees manage your plan for the maximum return on your retirement savings and benefits for you, your family and the entire membership. With pooled resources, our members have something to look forward to when they’re ready to retire.

Are you getting ready to retire? Have questions about your status? Questions about your insurance?

You can learn more by contacting the Trust.

Carpenters Trust Northwest

PO Box 1929
Seattle, WA 98111

tel: 800-552-0635



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Once you have started working for a union contractor you are eligible for vacation pay. All contributions to the Vacation Plan are made in accordance with the provisions of the Collective Bargaining Agreements. (Please refer to your CBA or ask a Rep for more detailed information)

It is important to note that all participants must complete the enrollment process online at Qualstar Credit Union. You can also reach Qualstar at 800-484-0018



Employee Assistance Program

Employee Assistance Plan

Did you know that the Carpenters Union has an Employee Assistance Program that offers 24/7 Support, resources, and information?

They offer support for:

  • Legal Guidance
  • Anxiety, Depression, and Stress
  • Financial Resources
  • Child Care
  • Moving
  • And many more

Phone:  (800)777-4114




Suicide Prevention 

You are never alone in the union. If you yourself or someone you know is showing the warning signs, please don’t hesitate to speak up. You don’t have to be an expert to see the signs.

For information regarding suicide prevention click HERE

Or phone: (800) 273-TALK